May 6, 2014
Where do seeds come from?


Every day, we eat foods that grew from a seed. But where do the seeds come from? Many people have no idea how seeds are grown, harvested and processed before they end up as food on their plate.

One of Monsanto’s specialties is the breeding, cultivation and production of seeds that help farmers grow more, better and more affordable food with less land, energy, water, waste and worry. In Europe, we process seeds from thousands of local growers at five sites in France, Hungary, Romania and Turkey.

To see what goes on in a Monsanto seed plant, and how it fits in the bigger scheme of food production from plant breeding to final food products, check out our new virtual maize seed plant. The details would be different for other crops such as oilseed rape or tomatoes but the big picture is the same: selection, drying, quality control, bagging and shipping.

You can also visit the virtual seed plant in other languages: GermanSpanish. Romanian. Turkish. Hungarian. Italian. Ukrainian. (Other links will be added here as they become available.)

For a printable version, check out the PDF version of our seed plant brochure “Where seeds come from”, available via the Downloads page of this blog. It’s available in English, French, Hungarian, Romanian and Turkish.

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