May 15, 2014
The Second Green Revolution

The latest in a raft of recent articles on the need for innovation in agriculture comes from this week’s Economist. In their leader, “The Second Green Revolution” they use the example of new, flood-resistant rice to argue that embracing this kind of technology will allow those left behind by the last agricultural revolution to catch up.

We have long argued that R&D into better seeds is money well spent and this article supports this view. It’s a shame that this support is not always widespread. As the article points out,

“Governments, though, are nervous. Some politicians worry about publicly backing genetic research, despite all the lives it could save. Other health ministers have moved on to sexier causes, such as fighting obesity. They should think again. It is hard to think of a way to improve more people’s lives for less money.”

You can find The Economist article here:


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