April 1, 2015
Response to Germany’s ARD FAKT program

By Brandon Mitchener

It’s April 1, but we’re perfectly serious in wanting to extend Germany’s ARD FAKT program last night our thanks for pointing out a small mistake in our German-language statement on IARC’s recent classification of glyphosate.

We have updated our German statement here and acknowledged the mistake and thanked ARD for calling it to our attention so that we could correct it immediately.

What happened? Our English and other statements about the IARC decision to classify glyphosate as a “probable” carcinogen–a finding that we and others find mystifying–correctly referred to several substances classified by IARC as “Class 2”, meaning “possible” (2b) or “probable” (2a) carcinogens. Our German statement–and only the German statement–incorrectly referred to all of the Class 2 substances as “probable” carcinogens. We recognized the mistake this morning and corrected it immediately.

So we thank FAKT for calling this to our attention. Monsanto believes in integrity and honesty and takes pains to make sure that all of our public statements are factually correct. We welcome anyone else who calls mistakes to our attention.


    April 9, 2015
    Judging by the current version of the German statement about this mistake, you are still not very well served by your current translators (one word: "Deppenleerzeichen")... consider switching maybe? (Disclosure: I am a translator.) Also, I was about to add a comment about all the other carcinogens in that category, but it looks like you've covered all that previously. Good job on your blog, and I wish you all the patience necessary to continue running it.
    Brandon Mitchener
    April 10, 2015
    Thanks for that comment, we'll take another look at the German statement. As our blog post tried to point out, we really do believe in accuracy. (Your correspondent here used to be a journalist for many years and took pride in correcting every single mistake that was ever pointed out to him). Thanks also for the encouragement. We just wish we had the resources to respond to all the nonsense that's out there, but that's a decidedly uphill battle.


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