April 25, 2017
Reply to media outlets in Belgium spreading false allegations (EN/NL/FR)

On 25 April 2017, several media outlets decided to rehash the false, inaccurate and misleading allegations that first surfaced from activists several weeks ago.

To reiterate the facts:

For further background reading:

Our response to claims on disclosed glyphosate documents.

American Council on Science and Health. Glyphosate: NYT’s Danny Hakim Is Lying To You.


Reactie op Belgische media die valse beschuldigingen publiceren

Op 25 april 2017 hebben verschillende media besloten om de valse, onjuiste en misleidende beschuldigingen opnieuw op te rakelen die in eerste instantie enkele weken geleden door activisten naar voren zijn gebracht.

Een herhaling van de feiten:


Le 25 Avril 2017, plusieurs médias ont décidé de reprendre des allégations fausses, inexactes et trompeuses, auparavant publiées par des activistes il y a de ça plusieurs semaines.

Pour rappeler les faits:


    Benny Heirwegh
    April 28, 2017
    I agree with the respons of Monsanto. All arguments and false allegations can be refuted. BUT, damaged is caused. What about actions against the formal prohibition of use by Flemish citizens? We risk being fined when we treat our driveway! I'm concerned about what's going on. I used to work for Monsanto for 42 years and I really feel sorry for all these negative and hostile attacks.


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