October 16, 2017
Our preliminary response to the documentary: “Roundup facing its judges”

We are aware of the upcoming broadcast of the documentary “Roundup facing its judges” (le Roundup face à ses juges), directed by activist Marie-Monique Robin, on channel Arte. This documentary recounts the parody of the mock Monsanto tribunal that took place in October 2016, a staged opinion which was publicised last April. In response, Monsanto published an open letter in October 2016 to counter the misinformation made by this mock trial.

This is not the first time Ms Robin has made a film about agriculture or our company in order to gain attention. These films have taught us that Ms Robin’s work, rather than actual journalism, comprises interviews of people who oppose modern innovations in farming and agriculture, while promoting the opponents of Monsanto.

Monsanto is an agricultural company. We offer safe and effective products which help farmers to farm safely, efficiently and sustainably. Moreover, glyphosate, an ingredient in Roundup, is one of the most extensively evaluated agricultural products on the market and the world. Based on the weight of overwhelming evidence, including thousands of scientific studies and 40 years of use, glyphosate is safe to use as intended.


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