March 13, 2017
New glyphosate campaign website launched
Image of new glyphosate campaign website

Monsanto’s new glyphosate campaign website.

Monsanto in Europe has launched a new campaign website to address the myths and misinformation surrounding the herbicide glyphosate. The glyphosate website called ‘Growing Our Future’ went live on 9 March 2017. It comprises rich-media content, including videos, animations and infographics, supported by academic references, to answer the most frequently asked questions about glyphosate.

So why launch the website now?

Glyphosate is undergoing a periodic regulatory review within the European Union and is a critical tool farmers can use to protect their crops from weeds that steal water and nutrients. A final decision on the renewal of glyphosate’s license is expected by the end of 2017. We feel that this decision should be based on the best available scientific facts (assessed by regulatory authorities) and not mere hearsay.

When it comes to glyphosate, too much of what we’ve seen online is fuelled by speculation, myth and rumour. That’s why this website was created to present facts and truths from the world’s leading independent scientific organisations, sharing what is known about glyphosate, how it works and how regulators ensure its safe use.

For example, the website provides an infographic to provide evidence on whether we can feed the world without weedkillers. Also, without glyphosate as an option for farmers to choose when farming, there would be a significant rise in CO2 production and inflationary food prices. But don’t take our word for it, discover what the experts say for yourself.


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