March 6, 2018
Leticia Gonçalves, President of Monsanto Europe, presents at Women in Data Science event


Leticia Gonçalves, President of Monsanto for Europe and the Middle East, spoke at the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Madrid on Monday 2 March 2018. The conference brought together women from the technological, business, institutional and social fields. It aimed to not only inspire female talent in technical disciplines or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), but also to explore the latest data science innovations and applications in a wide range of fields in Spain and Europe.

In her speech, Gonçalves explained some of the most innovative applications of data science that are benefiting Monsanto’s business, including those related to Monsanto’s global R&D, supply chain and commercial. In addition, she has addressed how technology contributes to the sustainability of agricultural production and causes a positive social impact.

WiDS, a global event, is organised by Stanford University and seeks to inspire and educate data scientists, and above all, to support the role of women in this discipline. The event, which takes place simultaneously in more than 100 cities around the world, comes to the Spanish capital with a helping hand from Carme Artigas, co-founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, and ambassador of the WiDS Madrid initiative.

Other speakers included leaders from companies such as Google, Bankia and Repsol.

During the event, Gonçalves highlighted that climate change is an increasing problem for farmers. In order to identify solutions Monsanto, for example, has developed digital tools in its climate platform to drive more precise decisions around water-irrigation management and seed placement.

The data science revolution in agriculture is already happening and will be a key enabler of a more sustainable agriculture in the future.



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