June 24, 2015
Consumers want transparency and authenticity – and so do we

By Rachel Moore

Earlier this month, the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) held its 20 Years Stakeholders Conference entitled “The future of food and health – how will consumers react?” Representatives from 80 organisations across Europe attended the conference, which featured presentations from Dr. Laura Fernández Celemín, Professor Klaus Grunert, Professor Mike Gibney and John Keogh.

EUFIC is a non-profit organisation committed to providing science-based information on nutrition, health, food safety and quality to consumers. More information can be found at or on their About page.

Dr. Laura Fernández Celemín, the director general of EUFIC, said science communication’s changing media landscape will undoubtedly lead to the movement of information online. With that, the growing use of social media means people are now searching for information on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. In fact, 44 percent of Europe’s population (about 223 million) is active on these kinds of social media.

At Monsanto, we also believe the conversation is moving online, so we are moving with it. In an effort to better communicate with our customers in intelligent, open discussion, we regularly post for and interact with audiences through our blog, Twitter and RSS News Feed.

Here are just a few examples of the many constructive conversations we’ve had on Twitter in the last month:

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We also created this blog as well as our European YouTube channel in order to make information about Monsanto more accessible to and to facilitate interaction with a wider audience.

We know consumers look at the authenticity and integrity of companies whose products and services they buy. Klaus Grunert, a professor of marketing at Aarhus University in Denmark, told the EUFIC conference about the special importance of transparency for companies. Lack of transparency breeds skepticism, while transparency helps build trust.

Actually, transparency is one of the foundations of Monsanto’s public Pledge. We take the responsibility of maintaining open, honest and knowledgeable communication about our products and services with consumers very seriously.

Please feel free to leave us a comment, or ask us a question, on this page or via Twitter. We’re happy to engage with anyone who is interested in a constructive dialogue about our (modest) role in the food chain and our contribution to helping make a balanced diet more accessible to more people in more places.



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