July 1, 2015
Business Europe, European Roundtable of Industrialists &  European Risk Forum want to talk to you about innovation

At Monsanto, we understand the need to innovate. Innovation is one of those “buzzwords” that are often peppered into conversations and quickly forgotten. But it is the stuff of economic growth and healthy competition that drives investors and governments, as well as the choices of individual consumers, everywhere. For real innovation to take place, there needs to be more than just a word to describe what we should do, there needs to be defined action, particularly in a European context.

This week, Business Europe, The European Round Table and The European Risk Forum released a joint statement on innovation in Europe, and how we need to work together as EU institutions and businesses in order to ensure that we have a Europe that is dynamic and growing rather than stagnant, or, as some commentators have put it, just a big open-air museum. 

The release succinctly clearly breaks down what we need to do:

Rome was not built in a day, but the European Union, since its existence, has strived to grow and develop. We at Monsanto Europe are looking forward to doing our part in implementing this strategy and contributing to innovation in Europe.

Want to know more about Monsanto and innovation?

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Update: On June 30 at the Milan EXPO a coalition of 11 associations representing companies in the food-feed chain issued a joint declaration on innovation in the European Agro-food space: 


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