May 5, 2014
Talking about Monsanto and the world we live in

Dear readers,

This blog is written by Monsanto’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) public affairs team and aims to provide helpful news and views to people looking for information about Monsanto and the world in which we live. It complements the company’s corporate websites for individual countries and regions.

The News & Views page will feature news about the Monsanto that you may never read about in the newspapers or elsewhere on the Internet: a company that is a great place to work and investing an insane amount of money in research and development to help farmers worldwide produce more, better and more affordable food with less. We’ll also share and comment on things that others are doing or saying and which we think could help readers better understand the realities of the world we live in.

Reality-Check is the place in which we will shine the cold, hard light of truth on some of the bad science, myths, misinformation and generally suspicious stuff that tends to get shared a lot online and off. Among other things it will include comments and corrections to articles published elsewhere; open letters; and letters to the editor (since many media organizations, unfortunately, never publish any of the letters we send them). It also will include our responses to frequently asked questions by journalists so that the answers to questions asked by one journalist can inform and educate others.

We hope you find it useful, and welcome your comments. Based on previous experience, all comments are moderated. We reserve the right to shorten and edit comments if they amount to extremist rants.

Monsanto’s EMEA public affairs team



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