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You ask, we answer: Can you keep vegetable seeds?

We get lots of questions from individul citizens via our corporate websites. We can’t answer all the questions we get, but we try to answer as many as we can. Very often, different people ask the same sorts of questions, so we’ve decided to start publishing that kind of correspondence for the benefit of everyone, just like we do with some of our correspondence with journalists. Here’s a first exchange, with Maria from Sweden, about patents on vegetable seeds. The letter has been edited for spelling and grammar and to protect the author’s privacy.

Name – Maria

Country – Sweden

Message – Hello. My name is Maria and I live in Sweden. There is a huge debate right now about patents on common vegetables...

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Monsanto – Myths & Facts

Monsanto_Myths_and_Facts_ENMonsanto gets lots of awards: for sustainability, innovation, corporate equality, cultural competence, corporate responsibility, top science employer— even for being a Great Place to Work.

At the same time, the Internet abounds with tales of another Monsanto of allegedly dark past and purpose. Many of these tales have been repeated so often, by so many people, that they have become lore, no matter how wrong they are.

Our new Monsanto Myths & Facts guide provides a set of factual statements about Monsanto as well as responses to the most common myths that you might encounter, especially online, where fact-checking seems to be in particularly short supply. It is for anyone who wants to learn more, and includes lots of links to additional sources of information...

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