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Balance wanted: European media coverage of GMOs and pesticides often misses it

by Brandon Mitchener

In a year in which the Oxford English Dictionary has named “post-truth” the word of the year, it should surprise no one that the global news media are under increasing scrutiny for failing to hold politicians and others accountable for telling outright lies that leave a mark—sometimes a decisive mark—on public policies. Lies helped fuel the “Brexit” vote in the United Kingdom, and lies and fake news played a starring role in the U.S. presidential election.

In the U.S., major news organisations including The New York Times and The Washington Post belatedly ramped up live online fact-checking services in the realisation that most voters couldn’t tell lies from facts. Google and Facebook have belatedly announced plans to ban fake news from their sites...

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10 weeks at ‘MonSatan’: My work for the Dark Side

By Rachel Moore

When I was first offered a summer internship at Monsanto, I’ll be honest – I hesitated.

I knew almost nothing about agriculture, GMOs or biotechnology (although I now know that those last two barely apply to Monsanto Europe, which is focused on traditional seeds). I felt extremely under-qualified for a position at a multinational corporation, much less one so successful. My greatest strengths were long-form journalism, napping and drinking coffee. Could I survive at a billion-dollar company?

The answer is no. I did not survive at Monsanto. I thrived here. This company, this office, these people – they’re all amazing. I learned quickly, read everything I could get my hands on and felt comfortable almost immediately.

However, I will admit that I wasn’t prepared for ho...

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Monsanto reacts to Zembla’s “GEN-tech lobby” (EN/NL)

Monsanto appreciates the media in their important role of informing the public and stakeholders on food and agricultural issues. We all need good food. And thus, food is a subject that has a broad general interest.

By repeating misinformation, Zembla Internationaal’s rebroadcast of the French program ‘De GEN-tech lobby’ via NPO2 tonight denies the Dutch public the balanced view they deserve on the issues it raises.

As one of the world’s leading producers of vegetable seeds, we believe in an open and balanced dialogue on complex issues such as genetic modification, intellectual property and the use of pesticides...

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Myth: Monsanto, under pressure, has just decided to stop selling GM maize in Italy

Here we go again. This week brought yet another round of media beat-ups in which organic farmers and others attacked Monsanto for something we haven’t said, done or were ever going to do.

Throughout the Italian Media, politicians, organic farmers and other opponents of genetically modified (GM) seeds and foods were claiming a ‘victory’ over Monsanto. The articles reported that Monsanto was withdrawing from cultivating GMO crops in Italy–this week–as a result of opponents’ successful lobbying over the biotech maize MON810. Well, either those people all have amnesia, or they just like telling bald-faced lies to the public.

Fact: Monsanto has never sold GM maize in Italy. Nor were we about to. Nor planning to anytime in the foreseeable future.

Monsanto DEKALB-brand maize (corn)

Monsanto DEKALB-brand maize (corn)

In fa...

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