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Monsanto replaces vegetable seed coating with more sustainable potato starch

Tomato seeds with potato starch seed coating

Tomato seeds with potato starch seed coating that protects the seed and young plant from pests and disease. These coatings normally have colours to help identification of treated seeds and can make seed storage, handling and measurement easier.

Contrary to what many may think environmentally sustainable solutions are being developed by our researchers in Europe. Take conventional vegetable seeds for example; from tomato to onion seeds — when certain types of seed are planted on European farmland they require treatment to protect them from the environment in their nascent states. Small doses of plant protection products are applied and stick to the seeds. These are synthetic-based seed coatings...

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Is new Slate magazine story on misleading GMO war a game changer?

“They’ll always want more studies. They call themselves skeptics. But when you cling to an unsubstantiated belief, even after two decades of research and experience, that’s not skepticism. It’s dogma.”

This is an excerpt from a feature story published last week in the online current affairs and culture magazine Slate on the hypocrisy and immoral tactics used by anti-GMO activists on the dangers of genetically modified organisms. The story, called an Unhealthy Fixation, has been making a storm on social media. It puts a high-resolution magnifying glass on the blatant fear mongering, error and fraud tactics uses by activists.

For example, while anti-GMO zealots paradoxically communicate the message that Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacteria crops are hazardous, they encourage you t...

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