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Monsanto Ranked One Of The Best Places To Work in Top 25 Global List

Great Place To Work LogoFor a fifth consecutive year Great Place To Work® names Monsanto as one of the world’s best multinational companies to work for. 

(Oct. 26, 2016) – Today the organisation Great Place to Work® has ranked Monsanto Company on its 2016 list of the Top 25 ‘World’s Best Multinational Workplaces.’ This is based on feedback from employees around the world. Monsanto is the only agriculture company to appear on this year’s list, ranked at No. 23.

“We are honored that our commitment of hiring a diverse workforce and promoting an inclusive culture globally has and continues to be recognized,” said Steve Mizell, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Monsanto...

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Monsanto ranked one of the best companies to work for in France 2016 (EN/FR)

The Great Place To Work Institute's France Brand Logo.

The Great Place To Work Institute’s France Brand Logo.

On 23rd March 2016 Monsanto has been ranked one of the best places to work for in France for a third consecutive year. The annual Great Place to Work Institute® ranked Monsanto No. 21 out of 180 companies, of which 66 were selected as finalists.

This trust index survey is done by the Great Place to Work Institute, a global research company that provides services to businesses, non-profit organisations and governments in more than 45 countries. The survey is completed by the employees themselves of each company. Employee opinions weigh two-thirds in the scoring; the rest comes from the Institute, which assesses management practices, corporate culture and well-being at work.

“We are delighted to be included again in the ranking that rew...

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Monsanto ranked one of 10 best places to work in Belgium 2016 (EN/NL/FR)

The Monsanto Belgium team at the Great Place to Work awards in Brussels on 15 March 2016.

The Monsanto Belgium team at the Great Place to Work awards in Brussels on 15 March 2016.

On 15th March 2016 Monsanto was named the No. 6 best company to work for in Belgium among companies of over 500 employees by the annual Great Place to Work survey. For a third consecutive year Monsanto Belgium has been named in the top 10 list.

The Great Place to Work Institute Belgium-survey rankings are based on an assessment that the institute runs on a wide array of employees across Belgium and on an assessment of personnel management within companies operating in Belgium.

“We are delighted to receive this honourable recognition for the third consecutive year,” said Luc Verstraete, human resources lead for Monsanto Belgium...

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Corporate volunteering supports local communities

by Bridget Badiou

What do IBM, Google, BMW, Biogen, Mondelez and Monsanto all have in common?

They all have an employee volunteer programme and they all had representatives at the recent conference in Zurich. I was there for Monsanto as we have a volunteer programme called Monsanto Together. It was launched in the U.S. about 2 years ago and is about to be extended to Europe. Monsanto is a member of IAVE, the International Association for the Volunteer Effort, and this year its annual conference was co-hosted by Credit Suisse in Zurich. Volunteer programmes may appear at first glance to be easy to implement. Give an employee some time off work to go and spend an afternoon filling boxes or painting a school or driving an elderly person to the shops.

Photo of a Captivated audience for corporate volunteering at the International Association for the Volunteer Effort conference in Zurich.

A captivated audience at the International...

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Monsanto France: 600 people delivering innovative, quality products to farmers in France and abroad // Monsanto ancre sa présence en France autour de trois priorités stratégiques

By Brandon Mitchener and Yann Fichet

Ask the average man on the street in France what Monsanto does, and chances are they’ll either not have heard of Monsanto at all, or believe that the only thing we sell is genetically modified (GM) seeds. The reality, Monsanto France told journalists today at its annual press conference, is more mundane–we sell entirely non-controversial, non-GM seeds and crop protection products, along with a popular weed killer–but no less motivating.

Monsanto has been active in France for more than 40 years, and continues to grow in response to steady demand from farmers in France and abroad...

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Monsanto Europe recognised as one of Europe’s Best Places to Work / Bien-être au travail: Monsanto classé parmi les meilleures entreprises européennes / Monsanto schaart zich onder beste werkgevers in Europaropéennes / «Монсанто» стала одним з найкращих роботодавців Європи / Компания “Монсанто” вошла в число лучших работодателей Европы / Monsanto – una dintre cele mai bune firme angajatoare din Europa


By Brandon Mitchener

Monsanto Europe is thrilled to announce that it has just been recognised by Great Place to Work Institute as one of the Best Workplaces among multinational companies in Europe for 2015. (In fact, we were awarded 24th place!)

DSC03656This is especially impressive considering more than 2,300 companies participated in 19 European countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. The rankings are determined by the institute’s national surveys that measure employees’ levels of job satisfaction and human resources management’s responses about company culture and employment policies.

Other Monsanto sites have also received awards from Great Place to Work this year, including offices in Poland, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain...

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Monsanto Spain recognised as a Great Place to Work

Spain gptw2 2015Monsanto Spain was awarded the 10th place in the category “companies from 250 to 500 employees”, according to the latest annual Great Place to Work® survey.

The results of Great Place to Work are developed from a combination of an assessment of employees’ responses to a survey about job satisfaction (2/3 of the score) and an independent assessment of human resources management, company culture and well-being at work (1/3 of the score).

Commenting on this latest achievement, Harriet Sobre, Monsanto’s HR Team Lead for the region, said that “receiving this acknowledgement for our work is a great honour for us and it clearly manifests the enormous effort that Monsanto does to ensure the professional development and the comfort of its employees.”

Monsanto Spain is proud of the results i...

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Monsanto Poland named Great Place to Work in 2015

GPTW Poland 2015Following a string of recognition in other countries, Monsanto Poland has been ranked the 3rd best place to work in Poland by the Great Place to Work® Institute in the category of ‘companies with up to 50 employees’.

The Great Place to Work® Institute survey rankings are based on a combination of an assessment of employees’ responses to a survey about job satisfaction and an independent assessment of human resources management, company culture and well-being at work.

During the ceremony on March 26, 2015 Monsanto was represented by the board members: Agnieszka Kaminska, Leszek Koltun , Pawel Szostak and the HR manager Ela Coughlin who said a few words to the audience:

“I have been working for this company for 16 years. This year for the first time we have participated in GPTW surve...

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Monsanto Belgium takes 6th place in country’s latest Great Place to Work rankings (EN/NL)


Monsanto Belgium has this year again been recognised in the top ten best places to work in Belgium.  Monsanto was awarded 6th place in the category ‘companies with more than 500 employees’ at the ‘Best Workplaces 2015’ award ceremony held last night in Brussels. The awards are part of an annual ranking of businesses by the Great Place to Work Institute in partnership with the Vlerick Business School.

Monsanto credits this recognition to human resources (HR) policies that strongly focus on the development and progress of employees. These policies have helped to foster an attractive work environment, and Monsanto Belgium is proud that on average, employees at the Antwerp site have been with the company for 20 years.

The annual ranking of ‘Best Workplaces’ is determined thorough a...

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Monsanto – Myths & Facts

Monsanto_Myths_and_Facts_ENMonsanto gets lots of awards: for sustainability, innovation, corporate equality, cultural competence, corporate responsibility, top science employer— even for being a Great Place to Work.

At the same time, the Internet abounds with tales of another Monsanto of allegedly dark past and purpose. Many of these tales have been repeated so often, by so many people, that they have become lore, no matter how wrong they are.

Our new Monsanto Myths & Facts guide provides a set of factual statements about Monsanto as well as responses to the most common myths that you might encounter, especially online, where fact-checking seems to be in particularly short supply. It is for anyone who wants to learn more, and includes lots of links to additional sources of information...

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