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Europe gives its farmers the cold shoulder as U.S. farmers set records (EN/FR)

Today the European Parliament endorsed a proposal to let European governments restrict or prohibit cultivation of safe GM crops at national or regional level for non-scientific policy reasons. The proposal now goes back to EU national governments for final approval and is expected, if adopted, to enter into force sometime later this year.

EuropaBio, the European Bioindustries Association, of which Monsanto is a member, issued this press release on the topic.

We have already commented on this sad piece of legislation many times, and our position remains the same: This is a bad move for Europe. It undermines science, it undermines European farmers, and it raises prices for European consumers.

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Triomphe de la démocratie or triumph of public relations spin?

Triumph of democracy – or triumph of PR spin?

Earlier this month, Pervenche Berès, a French Socialist member of the European Parliament, issued a press release with a headline that would be funny if it weren’t so sadly misguided: “La démocratie contre Monsanto” or “Democracy against Monsanto.”

The ostensible motive for this attention-seeking headline was a vote in the Parliament’s Environment Committee amending a proposal by the European Commission to change the rules regarding approvals for the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in Europe...

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