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Monsanto outlines next steps in European transformation (EN/FR/ES/RO)

The global agricultural sector faces economic headwinds, many changes in technology and increasing competitive pressures. Globally, we are committed to driving a transformation that delivers significant cost savings and best positions the company for future growth within this challenging business environment.

As a consequence, Monsanto is transforming the company’s operations globally over the next 2-3 years in order to be able to continue to deliver best-in-class agronomic solutions and services to our customers.

This transformation involves several changes, including making major investments in technology, investing in some locations and scaling back our presence in others. Many internal changes have already been proposed. Others are still under discussion.

We have around 3,700 full-ti...

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Corporate volunteering supports local communities

by Bridget Badiou

What do IBM, Google, BMW, Biogen, Mondelez and Monsanto all have in common?

They all have an employee volunteer programme and they all had representatives at the recent conference in Zurich. I was there for Monsanto as we have a volunteer programme called Monsanto Together. It was launched in the U.S. about 2 years ago and is about to be extended to Europe. Monsanto is a member of IAVE, the International Association for the Volunteer Effort, and this year its annual conference was co-hosted by Credit Suisse in Zurich. Volunteer programmes may appear at first glance to be easy to implement. Give an employee some time off work to go and spend an afternoon filling boxes or painting a school or driving an elderly person to the shops.

Photo of a Captivated audience for corporate volunteering at the International Association for the Volunteer Effort conference in Zurich.

A captivated audience at the International...

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Monsanto Europe recognised as one of Europe’s Best Places to Work / Bien-être au travail: Monsanto classé parmi les meilleures entreprises européennes / Monsanto schaart zich onder beste werkgevers in Europaropéennes / «Монсанто» стала одним з найкращих роботодавців Європи / Компания “Монсанто” вошла в число лучших работодателей Европы / Monsanto – una dintre cele mai bune firme angajatoare din Europa


By Brandon Mitchener

Monsanto Europe is thrilled to announce that it has just been recognised by Great Place to Work Institute as one of the Best Workplaces among multinational companies in Europe for 2015. (In fact, we were awarded 24th place!)

DSC03656This is especially impressive considering more than 2,300 companies participated in 19 European countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. The rankings are determined by the institute’s national surveys that measure employees’ levels of job satisfaction and human resources management’s responses about company culture and employment policies.

Other Monsanto sites have also received awards from Great Place to Work this year, including offices in Poland, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain...

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Monsanto Ranked Among Best Places to Work in France – again! (EN/FR)

gptw_France_BestWorkplaces_2015_cmykSAINT PRIEST, France— Monsato France has been recognised as one of the top 20 great places to work in France for the second year in a row.  Monsanto was awarded 20th place in the category ‘companies with more than 500 employees’ in the annual Great Place to Work® survey.

The Great Place to Work® Institute France survey rankings are based on a combination of an assessment of employees’ responses to a survey about job satisfaction (2/3 of the score) and an independent assessment of human resources management, company culture and well-being at work (1/3 of the score).

“We are extremely proud to receive this award for the third consecutive year and it is testament to the hard work and dedication of our 600 employees, combined with a culture of growth and personal development that ...

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