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Myth #9: Monsanto hired security firm Blackwater to spy on critics

False! We have never hired Blackwater or its affiliates.

Like almost any big company, we monitor potential security threats by keeping an eye on websites and news reports. (Given how often our sites are invaded by various colours of extremists–four times at one French site last year alone!–it would be imprudent not to try to anticipate some of those incidents).

Sometimes we hire outside companies to help us. Between 2008 and 2010, we hired a company called Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS) to help us monitor publicly available information. An Internet story incorrectly reported that TIS was part of Blackwater.  And the myth lives on. But it is a myth.

[If you've heard any other stories about Monsanto that you suspect aren't true, check out our other blog entries in this series or downloa...

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Monsanto – Myths & Facts

Monsanto_Myths_and_Facts_ENMonsanto gets lots of awards: for sustainability, innovation, corporate equality, cultural competence, corporate responsibility, top science employer— even for being a Great Place to Work.

At the same time, the Internet abounds with tales of another Monsanto of allegedly dark past and purpose. Many of these tales have been repeated so often, by so many people, that they have become lore, no matter how wrong they are.

Our new Monsanto Myths & Facts guide provides a set of factual statements about Monsanto as well as responses to the most common myths that you might encounter, especially online, where fact-checking seems to be in particularly short supply. It is for anyone who wants to learn more, and includes lots of links to additional sources of information...

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