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How far are anti-Monsanto activists willing to go? One student decided to find out

Last month, amid a global campaign by certain activist groups to demonize Monsanto and other global seed and agrochemical companies, Navid Rakotofala, a student in Madagascar, decided to “test” how much research anti-GMO protesters did before making and sharing claims about Monsanto. For the purposes of his test, he published seriously outrageous accusations about Monsanto on a fake blog. The goal was to see how far he could push fake horror stories before activists would realize that it was a hoax.

“My teacher (who does not agree with this project because of the trickery) told me that your group [the activists] will accept almost anything regardless of the scientific process,” Rakotofala later on his blog. “This was my experiment to see if he is correct.”

Some examples of Rakotofala...

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Myth #8: Monsanto invented Agent Orange

False. Monsanto did not invent Agent Orange.

As we have explained in greater depth on our website and elsewhere, Agent Orange is the name given to the combination of two commercially available herbicides which had been used for decades before the Vietnam War. The former Monsanto, which was primarily a chemical company, along with 9 other companies, supplied the U.S. government these herbicides as part of the war effort. The combination of these herbicides is what the U.S. government named Agent Orange after the colour of the stripe put on the barrels that contained it. 

The nine Agent Orange manufacturers were government contractors acting at the direction of the government, which was exercising its authority under the U.S. War Powers Act...

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Monsanto – Myths & Facts

Monsanto_Myths_and_Facts_ENMonsanto gets lots of awards: for sustainability, innovation, corporate equality, cultural competence, corporate responsibility, top science employer— even for being a Great Place to Work.

At the same time, the Internet abounds with tales of another Monsanto of allegedly dark past and purpose. Many of these tales have been repeated so often, by so many people, that they have become lore, no matter how wrong they are.

Our new Monsanto Myths & Facts guide provides a set of factual statements about Monsanto as well as responses to the most common myths that you might encounter, especially online, where fact-checking seems to be in particularly short supply. It is for anyone who wants to learn more, and includes lots of links to additional sources of information...

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