May 21, 2014
Myth #10: Monsanto manipulates governments


In fact, Monsanto strictly forbids its employees to bribe government officials to secure product approvals.

Monsanto fully respects regulatory requirements everywhere it operates and deploys a broad Business Conduct program to prevent contributing to any government corruption. Every Monsanto employee worldwide participates in an annual training on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to ensure familiarity with the law, Monsanto’s compliance rules, and the penalties for violating the rules. Any employees violating our rules face immediate dismissal and business partners stand to become former business partners.

The Code provides guidance on such topics as: respect for each other, the environment, health and safety, proper stewardship of our products, research methodology questions, use of company resources, and accurate communication about our finances and products. It also addresses the many legal and ethical facets of integrity in business dealings with customers, suppliers, investors, the public, governments that regulate us and the communities where we do business.

We invite you to take a look at our Business Conduct policies and judge for yourself.

[If you’ve heard any other stories about Monsanto that you suspect aren’t true, chances are we have, too. Check out our other blog entries in this series or download our pocket-sized Myths & Facts leaflet, which is available in several languages.]



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