July 17, 2015
Monsanto Ukraine’s Grain Basket of the Future programme supports rural communities

By Rachel Moore

As a major player in Ukraine’s maize seed market, Monsanto feels a special responsibility to the rural communities in which the people who use our products work and live. The “Grain Basket of the Future” programme was created to support community development programmes in rural areas throughout Ukraine on the basis of competitive grants.

“Social changes are made step-by-step by each of us, and Monsanto Ukraine is making its contribution,” said Julia Tiroshko, Monsanto Ukraine Social Projects Coordinator.

This year’s grants totaling USD 12,000 will help support five new programmes in rural communities across the country.

The goal of this social investment competition is to help villagers in Ukraine improve their quality of life. These programmes cover a wide range of needs such as education, employment and agriculture. The projects:

  1. Provide training for rural area medical doctors
  2. Develop agricultural education for school children
  3. Establish energy-effective street lighting
  4. Make parks and jobs accessible for people with disabilities
  5. Create a special library room for preschool readers

Winners of the first annual competition in 2014 continue to implement their programmes today. Through one of these programmes, a sewing workshop with innovative embroidering machines opened in the Zhytomyr region, enabling local disabled people to apply their talents and earn a living. The workshop is the programme’s second facility created specially to employ people with disabilities.

“These workshops are an opportunity for disabled people to earn their own living, which is quite rare in rural Ukraine,” Tiroshko said. ” They are providing the possibility that these people can live their lives to the fullest and with dignity.”

More information on last year’s winners and Grain Basket of the Future can be found on our global blog, Beyond the Rows.



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