July 13, 2015
Monsanto sponsors an Italian maize maze (EN/IT)

By Rachel Moore

This July, a maize maze has opened in Jesolo, Italy, a popular tourist town near Venice.

Monsanto Italy is a sponsor of the attraction and provided the seed used to grow the 3.7 hectares of maize.

With only one entrance and exit, the maze is actually a labyrinth, making it fun for people of all ages. It’s located near Piazza Nember, which has many parking options and access to public transit and other tourist activities. To recognise the efforts of Jesolo on this project, the pattern of the maze resembles a logo customised specially for the city.

The entrance features an information section complete with signs that show and explain sustainable maize irrigation and cultivation methods. The goal of this attraction is to inform and entertain citizens and tourists from across Europe in a fun, family-friendly environment.

corn maze 3

According to its website, Le Messi, the maze’s regular path will be open in the afternoon and evening, Monday through Friday. During Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it will be open only at night and feature a special theme complete with animations and games. Some of the possible animation themes are horror, science fiction, fantasy and mythology. For navigation, all maze-goers can choose between traditional paper maps or digital maps. The digital maps are run through a mobile app that allows users to interact with each other and play games for more clues on how to get out of the maze.

Later in the month, there will be competitions to see who gets out of the maze the fastest. Participants’ times will be tracked through the digital app, and winners will be awarded prizes for various achievements.

corn maze 4

As a completely sustainable attraction, we hope this event promotes the idea of green fun. It’s up to us to help preserve the world’s natural resources, and ultimately, this maze will do more with less.

For more information on Monsanto and its dedication to sustainable agricultural solutions, visit, follow our Twitter, company blog or visit our corporate global website.

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