May 22, 2014
Monsanto Romania helps farmers preserve soil health with conservation tillage

Oilseed rapeSoil health and water are two of the most important factors in the success of a farmer’s harvest.

In Romania, Monsanto technology development experts this week and next join their oilseed rape sales and marketing colleagues in a “DEKALB™ Caravan” road-show to conserve water and preserve soil health by reducing tillage (ploughing) to a minimum or forsaking tillage altogether. We expect to reach around 1,000 Romanian farmers with the road-show.

Contrary to the romantic idea that ploughing a field is intrinsically good for soil health, ploughing actually increases water and wind erosion and increases evaporation, disrupts the soil surface ecosystem and ultimately can do more harm than good. It is even more important to maintain soil moisture levels in periods of low rainfall or drought. Parts of Romania have suffered from both in recent years.

With a film, presentation and technical discussions, Monsanto is helping farmers understand how to produce more, better and more sustainable oilseed rape with less tillage.

To learn more about how Monsanto is helping farmers improve soil health, check out our article on, the Conservation Tillage Information Center and this infographic









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