Monsanto France expands production capacity to meet growing local and export demand

At a news conference in Paris today, Monsanto France described the company’s commitment to meeting growing customer demand in high-quality maize, oilseed rape and vegetable seeds by expanding local production as well as research and development.

Catherine Lamboley, president of Monsanto SAS, told a news conference in Paris that the company had invested around €137 million to expand its two main seed production facilities in France over the past year. “France is one of the most important markets for Monsanto outside the United States,” she said. “Half of French farmers and 3 million French gardeners use Monsanto products.” Monsanto’s French seed production plants also export seeds to more than 30 countries.

The company’s investments in France are part of a broader expansion of its conventional seed business in Europe. Maize seed production facilities have also been expanded in Romania, Hungary and Turkey as part of a €500 million investment program planned over the course of this decade.

Monsanto employs more than 500 people at 11 sites in France, including extensive plant breeding operations. All of the company’s seeds grown and sold in France are non-genetically modified. The focus of the company’s activities is helping farmers grow more, better and more affordable food with less land, water, energy, waste and worry.

Communiqué de presse

Some of the initial media coverage of the media briefing (in French) can be found here:


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