emea-corporate-pptWho is Monsanto? What do we do? Our corporate PowerPoint presentation for Europe, Middle East & Africa covers the basics: Helping farmers produce more, better and more affordable food with less land, water, energy, waste and worry. That’s what we call sustainable agriculture.

FactsThe Monsanto Myths & Facts leaflet addresses the 10 most common myths about things that people think they know about Monsanto, as well as a few things that are actually true and which we wish more people knew about Monsanto. (The 2-page leaflet is intended to be printed A3 double-sided, then folded over until it’s pocket-sized.). Other language versions can be found here.

where-seeds-come-fromWhere Seeds Come From brochure in English. A short brochure about what happens in a seed plant. Spoiler: It doesn’t involve test tubes unless they’re in the quality control department. The brochure is also available in French, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish and Ukrainian.