January 8, 2015
Does Glyphosate cause Coeliac Disease?

wheat_webFor all those interested in the debate around coeliac disease, you might be interested to read a recent blog post by Peter Olins, Ph.D.

Peter Olins is a biochemist and Food safety and nutrition advocate, who along with Gillian Olins, co- founded the Ultimate Gluten Free– an online resource for people who are gluten intolerant.

His blog post ‘Does Glyphosate Cause Celiac Disease? Actually, No!’ is a detailed, evidence based analysis of the claims that glyphosate is linked to the rise in coeliac disease.

Very worthwhile reading for all those concerned about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance.

And just for the record- Peter Olins is not linked to Monsanto in any way. As his website says, he’s an independent biochemist interested in nutrition, and has done his own, independent research to arrive at the conclusion that glyphosate does not cause coeliac disease.

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