February 5, 2015
DEKALB® unveils a new look and brand promise to Europe’s farmers: SEED YOUR SUCCESS

DEKALB electric wing and Seed Your SuccessUnderlining a significant investment in production capacity in Europe, Monsanto’s DEKALB® seeds brand now has a new look and promise to the region’s farmers: DEKALB will help SEED YOUR SUCCESS.

The 100-year old seed brand is being relaunched in Europe with a modern upgrade of its iconic winged maize cob look, new seed bags, new websites and new, improved online services for customers.

The start of a new year marks the launch of the first websites to sport the new look and feel in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovakian, Russian and Ukrainian. Other sites will follow in coming weeks and months.

“The investment in new marketing and communications tools underlines our commitment to helping ensure farmers’ success with a broad range of solutions for better harvests with less waste,” said Justin Wolfe, head of DEKALB marketing for Europe.

DEKALB electric wingVisually, the biggest change is the new, neon yellow “electric wing” which symbolises DEKALB’s commitment to continuous and collaborative innovation. “We invest heavily in research and development to deliver innovative technology within the seed, in the bag and in the field,” said Wolfe. “The wing says our purpose is to deliver the higher-quality seeds and agronomic knowledge that farmers expect from us.”

Another pillar of the new rebranding is new digital communications tools that are the result of listening to farmers’ needs and developing bespoke solutions to help them be more successful. The new DEKALB websites are all designed to work on mobile devices and will include new functionality such as online product comparisons, agronomic expert articles and networking options.

Dekalb_rapeThe new “electric wing” branding is already beginning to appear all across Europe in new seed bags, field signs and other marketing materials. The new look isn’t just cosmetic. In the case of the seed bags, it will also help reassure farmers that they are getting what they paid for, and not counterfeit seeds.

DEKALB is the main European maize and oilseed rape seed brand of Monsanto Co., which is in the middle of a €500 million, decade-long investment to double production of DEKALB brand maize and oilseed rape seeds in the region.



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