May 20, 2014
Cooking with Fire?! Crop protection industry launches new video, policy vision for Europe

The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) today launched a new video and website to promote a vision for a more competitive and innovative agriculture in Europe and make a more effective contribution to the European political discussion.

Europe’s crop protection industry proposes five key policy recommendations:

  1. Build a science-based policy framework that balances risks and benefits
  2. Implement smarter and better regulation
  3. Ensure consistency between EU policies and international agreements
  4. Put innovation at the heart of EU policy making
  5. Mainstream agricultural productivity and competitiveness

The European Crop Protection Industry looks forward to an enlightening, interactive discussion and partnership with a wide range of stakeholders on how to ensure Europe’s place as a world leader in innovation and economic, social and environmental security. Please click here for more information.

Monsanto Europe is proud to be one of the seven corporate members of ECPA. 



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